Alliance of Women Advocating for Change

To build a resilient female sex workers’ movement that advocate for sustainable integrated health, promotion of human rights, social and economic wellbeing of female sex workers.

About us

Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC) is an umbrella
network of over 10.000 individual reached with services and 47 grass root emerging
female sex worker organizations cutting across the 6 regions of Uganda. Established in
2015 by Female Sex Workers (FSWs) to advance health rights, human rights, social economic rights & social protection for Female Sex Worker (FSWs), Children of sex workers and adolescents surviving in sex worker settings, and other marginalized women and young sex workers (18-30Yrs)- especially FSWs who use and inject drugs; FSWs Living with HIV/AIDS & TB; Refugees FSWs in Urban Setting; FSWs Living with Disability survivors of violence & conflict in Peri-urban & rural areas.

Issues we focus on

Advocacy, Community Empowerment, Psychosocial Support

Services offered

Advocacy, Community Empowerment, Counselling, Drop-in Centre, Harm Reduction, Health service delivery, HIV Testing & Treatment, legal services, Referrals for Counselling & Mental Health, Screening & Treatment of STIs

Key Figures

Resource Personnel

Personnel Number of people
Paralegals 3
Peer Educators 65
Village Health Teams

Recorded Human Rights Violations

Violation Number of occurences
Denial of an investigation by the police 9
Eviction due to failure to pay rent 8
Excessive use of force by law enforcement 19
Gender-based/intimate partner violence while staying with a partner 23
Harassment 7
Intimidation 2
Torture or cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment in a public health facility 12
Unable to access health services due to movement restrictions 2
Unable to access legal services 23
Unable to adhere to ART due to lack of nutritional support 43

Stories from Alliance of Women Advocating for Change

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Resources from Alliance of Women Advocating for Change

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