Uganda Key Populations Consortium (UKPC)


About us

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Issues we focus on

Access to Justice, Community Empowerment, Digital Rights, Health Services Delivery, Psychosocial Support

Services offered

Access to contraception, Advocacy, Community Empowerment, Counselling, Digital Security, Drop-in Centre, Emergency Response, HIV Testing & Treatment, Referrals for Counselling & Mental Health, Screening & Treatment of STIs

Key Figures

Resource Personnel

Personnel Number of people
Paralegals 1
Peer Educators 40
Village Health Teams 4

Recorded Human Rights Violations

Violation Number of occurences
Arbitrary Detention 1
Arrest for violating COVID-19 movement restrictions 1
Blackmail 1
Defamation 1
Denial of an investigation by the police 1
Discrimination because of HIV status 1
Discrimination due to SOGIE 1
Employment termination 1
Eviction due to failure to pay rent 1
Excessive use of force by law enforcement 1
Extortion 1
Gender-based/intimate partner violence while staying with a partner 1
Harassment 1
Intimidation 1
Public Outing 1
Torture or cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment in a public health facility 1
Torture or cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment in police/prison custody 1
Unable to access health services due to movement restrictions 1
Unable to access legal services 1
Unable to adhere to ART due to lack of nutritional support 1

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